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Executive Search

Whether in search of new senior leadership or another position vital to international success, Pacific Reach Advisors will deliver top caliber talent with the right cultural fit.

We emphasize long-term client partnerships and measure our success by the immediate and lasting impact from candidates.

Pacific Reach Advisors has successfully completed over 90% of executive search assignments to date, far exceeding the industry average of 60-70%.


In-depth candidate market mapping is completed for every search assignment to uncover the best talent in the market regardless of their current job status.


All data is shared with clients, from candidate research including contact information to our own daily activity reports.

Exclusive Introductions

Candidates are identified and introduced exclusively for each search assignment. We never engage in candidate arbitrage, shopping around top candidates to multiple clients simultaneously.

Enabling Connections

We uncover what makes each candidate tick and share this insight to help clients effectively sell their organizations and connect on a personal level with candidates in the initial meeting.

Single Point of Contact

Search assignments are managed by a dedicated consultant, responsible for all facets of project delivery.

Success-Leveraged Fees

Our fee structure delivers maximum value for clients. We emphasize results over expensive fixed retainer fees.

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